It is a production and sales company operating in disposable drapes and apron sets. ZENMED, with its headquarters located in Istanbul, provides services across Turkey.

Knowing Turkey’s external-dependence especially in the healthcare, our company cannot remain insensitive to it anymore and set off with the purpose of ranking on the top among the manufacturing and exporting companies in 2017.

ZENMED, having succeeded in bringing the production equipment created through the state-of-art technology together with its professional employees, aims to be the first representative of ‘Quality’ and ‘Dynamism’ phenomenon in its industry.

The common purpose of the entire ZENMED family, particularly our experienced and trained management personnel, is to make a quality production by using all our technical equipment such as Class 100,000 Clean Room and ETO Sterilization Equipment, based on our product knowledge, production capacity, and market experience, and to turn towards new investments through always being open to innovations and developments.

RADKOR Personal Dosimeter Measurement and Assessment Laboratory was established in 2011. The radiation value to which the personnel working in the radiation sites are exposed is required to be kept under surveillance by law. Radkor Personal Dosimeter Measurement and Assessment Laboratory, being one of the leading companies aiming to provide personal dosimeter service as a professional in Turkey, performs dosimetry measurements using the dosimeter systems which provide information on the radiation type and energy. 

Adopting a sense of quality service, our company received the TURKISH STANDARDS INSTITUTE SERVICE COMPETENCY CERTIFICATE in 2011 for the first time, as a result of its studies. With its expert staff, it has successfully completed the accreditation audits by TÜRKAK and received TS EN ISO/IEC 17025 ACCREDITATION CERTIFICATE (AB-0591-T). RADKOR started service in Turkey through receiving Dosimeter Service Certificate of Conformity upon successfully passing TAEK audits. RADKOR is an internationally recognized laboratory that successfully performs comparison tests which are periodically organized by the European Radiation Dosimeter Group (EURADOS). RADKOR provides service to public and private hospitals, healthcare organizations, industry organizations and all sites bearing the risk of exposure to radiation.