SOMED SoFilmPlus Antimicrobial Incision Film

Somed® SoFilmPlus Antimicrobial Incision Film

SoFilmPlus is a single-coated polyurethane film having pressure and temperature-sensitive adhesive that is separately wrapped and bagged and sterilized by EO. The incision film is designed to be applied on the patient‘s skin for covering and protection during surgical interventions.

This transparent incision film is developed with active silver ions for a continuous antimicrobial effect during the entire duration of the intervention. The products are equipped with two comfortable, large fingertip levers without adhesives to facilitate easy, precise application in the operating field by the surgical staff.

Surgical site infections are major health problems and can lead to significantly increased postoperative complications, longer hospital stays, and increased mortality rate.

Incision films are a surgeon‘s best ally in minimizing the number of transoperative and postoperative infections which are always serious problems for the patient‘s health and major cost triggers for the healthcare industry and reducing microbial proliferation.

SoFilmPlus has a two way design. The acrylic-based adhesive having anti-allergen and biodegradable properties provides perfect adhesion to the skin, while active silver ions ensure antimicrobial protection during the operation. It is easy to apply, significantly flexible, and adapts better to complex-shaped parts of the body. All films are transparent and anti-reflective, allowing the surgeon to see the operation field perfectly.

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