MEDISPINE Spinal Needle (Quincke Tip)

Medispine® Spinal Needle (Quincke Tip

Designed for spinal (lower Arachnoid) anesthesia.

  • Ultra-fine quincke tip for better application and preventing headaches afterward.
  • Color-coded slot stylet (international standard) for rapid determination of needle size.
  • Optimal size.
  • Transparent slot for rapid determination of CSF.
  • Needle length 3.5”
  • Sterile, single-use.
  • Made of very thin surgical steel.

18 G, 19 G, 20 G, 21 G, 22 G, 23 G, 24 G, 25 G, 26 G, 27 G (product and colors)

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